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Non-Insured Medical Services – Botox or Dysport?

In this day and age, our external appearance plays an important role in what our confidence levels are in society. Unfortunately, ageing is a phenomenon that no one escapes and with advancing age comes changes on the appearance of our muscles and skin. Cosmetic medicine has advanced tremendously in the last two decades and simple treatments are now available that can transform one’s appearance in a very short sitting.

Amongst these cosmetic treatments, botulinum toxin injections have become commonplace with more and more women now seeking these treatments due to its safety, efficacy and affordability.

According to experts, there are two different botulinum toxin preparations available – Botox and Dysport. Botox was the first botulinum toxin that was made available to the public following which new versions have emerged including Dysport. Both of these preparations are used in the management of facial wrinkles though some believe that one is better than the other. In this article, we shall explore this aspect of efficacy between Botox and Dysport.

Botox versus Dysport

From the available anecdotal studies, it appears that Dysport may be better than Botox in certain aspects of cosmetic medicine. Both these preparations of botulinum toxin are used in the management of fine lines and wrinkles along with crow’s feet and regularities in the skin down the temple.

In a study that was conducted assessing Botox versus Dysport in the management of crow’s feet wrinkles, it appeared that Botox was inferior to Dysport. However, this study was more based on what the individual who received a treatment felt rather than actual scientific or molecular basis.

A lot of concerns have been raised regarding how exactly the clinical trial was conducted and some state that Dysport was being favoured from the very start.

That fact notwithstanding, other features of these two drugs need to be taken into consideration. For example, side-effect profiles are extremely important when offering the patient any form of treatment. Interestingly, the side-effect profiles are similar and also rare. Dysport also appears to have a longer lasting effect when compared to Botox. Results appear to be faster with Dysport as well.

Clinical studies have shown that Dysport bears an advantage over Botox as it can not only reduce wrinkles but also has an effect on the muscles underlying the skin, relaxing them to a greater extent. This particular aspect of treatment is noticed when the patient smile as they evident wrinkles tended to be a lot less with Dysport as compared to Botox.

One point that works against Dysport is that the dose of Dysport a significantly higher than that of Botox in the above studies implying the possibility that same dose Dysport and Botox may favour Botox injections. However, this is not very clear as of yet and more studies need to be conducted assessing the actual effect of Dysport at equivalent doses to Botox.

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Health Insurance and Sun Skin Damage

Health insurance continues to be in the news these days, with Obamacare causing many unexpected consequences. Still, no time to neglect prevention, regardless of the type of health insurance you have secured.

Because summer is getting nearer, many people are very excited to go in the beach and spend their vacation in their relatives who are living in different places or countries. It is true that summer is one of the best seasons for a lot of people that’s why they are very excited to go to the places that they want to visit. However, they should also think that that heat that provides by the sun is very high which can really provide damages in the skin.


Over exposure to sun is not recommended because it can cause some skin issues that might last for several weeks or months. The number of the people who are experiencing skin damages due to heat of the sun is getting bigger; that’s why individuals in different countries are very aware in the condition of their skin.

Sunlight is one of the main reasons why skin issues come out. When you are over expose in the sun, it is possible that you will suffer from skin cancer, skin aging, and alteration of the skin color as well as texture. There are about 90 percent of people today are suffering from skin aging due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Actually, there are no problems when you heated by the sunlight, however, you must avoid yourself staying under the heat of the sun for several hours because it kills the healthy cells inside your skin. Aside from that, it also changes your skin color that will give you a burning feeling.

The UVB and UVA radiation can cause skin issues such as wrinkles, aging skin disorder, cancer, and skin infection. There also times that when a certain person is always expose in UV radiation, there will be collagen breakdown in the skin, DNA issues, free radicals development, and issues in the immune system. It is stated above the sunlight can kill the healthy cells inside the skin. This is the time that you will see some changes in the texture and color of the skin.

Skin is the largest part of the body. It covers and protects that sensitive part of the body that allows the people to live in this world for several years. People should know on how to take care of their skin so that they will avoid issues that will provide great damage inside and outside part of it. There are lots of skin care products today which can use by both men and women this summer season. However, they should be careful in choosing the safe and effective one in order that they can really keep the safeties of their skin.

It is significant for them to do it because there are lots of fake skin care products which can cause additional skin issues. In that way, aside from avoiding additional skin issues, they can also save their money which they can use in meeting their everyday needs. You can also visit in your dermatologist and ask on the products that you can use in keeping your skin healthy and free from damages.

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