The Best Time to Sell Your Home

best time to sell your home

Certain times of year are better than others to list your home for sale. Although the markets seem to be booming no matter what the date you sell, there are some simple protocols to follow to ensure that you not only sell your home promptly but that you get top dollar. Follow these simple guidelines around the best time to sell your home and you should see great benefits.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Overall, springtime is the best time of year to sell your home. Further to, the weather tends to be nice so you can showcase your yard in full bloom, and the pool of buyers is plentiful due to no significant seasonal holidays or events. People also get tax refunds in the spring, which contributes to a more positive and flexible financial situation. Further, moving in the summer is preferable, thanks to lovely weather and flexibility of schedules.

The second choice would be autumn, just after Labor Day. The weather at this time of year is still decent, and people are adjusting back to the rhythm of life after the lazy days of summer.

The two least desirable times to sell your home would be winter and summer. Winter is challenging because of the holiday season. Many people are away or too busy during the winter – especially during Christmas – to entertain the idea of looking for a new home. Thus, your pool of buyers depletes.

The same goes for summer, as many families take off on holidays during July and August or take on home improvement projects. Both these times of year mean that it may take longer for your home to sell, which can be inconvenient and costly.

Best Months for Selling your Home

If you want to be even more analytical about it, there is also the best time of the month and even the best day of the week to list your home. According to statistics, your best bet is to list a few days after your monthly mortgage payment comes out. That way, if you sell quickly, your next payment should be your last.

The best day is up for debate – some realtors like to list homes on Thursday so people can plan their weekends around open houses and potential bidding wars. Others prefer to list homes on Fridays, where people are more open to new possibilities and feeling upbeat about the work week ending.

Regardless of the day you choose, the consensus seems to be that Mondays are a poor choice, as people tend to be less focused and still adjusting to the weekend being over.

How to Sell your Home Smoothly

Whether you choose to list on a Monday in December or a Thursday in April, there are some important things you can do to ensure the sale of your home goes smoothly:

  • Ensure your realtor has a solid understanding of the “pulse” of the market.
  • Stage your home so that it is presentable, and the buyer can image him/herself living there.
  • Don’t price your home with a zero ending the price. Strangely enough, many buyers perceive precise prices as being lower than those with a zero on the end.


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